An established British Study confirms the more fruits and vegetables we eat daily, the happier, more energized and calmer we feel.

Choosing the right foods for your body makes all the difference in how you are going to feel today, tomorrow, and into the future.

In Oriental Medicine, one primary source of power within our body is the ‘Center’ generating nourishment from the foods we eat, the amount we exercise, sleep and refresh through relaxation. The Spleen, Stomach Liver, Gall Bladder, Large Intestine and Small Intestine are the organs that inhabit our ‘Center’, our source of ‘EnerQi’.

EnerQi is a term I coined meaning the uniquely individual magnetic force field we each generate from within our body. This powerful life force flows from us to the outside world. The resulting vibration creates a magnetic field, an electromagnetic pulse we carry as we move around, think, feel and live.

What feeds this vibration, and keeps it strong, are clean, healthy fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, certain carbohydrates, nuts, fats, and proteins. Vitamins and minerals will enter into this equation for some people. Remember that your nutritional needs will change with time, health needs, and the amount of energy you use through exercise, and daily movement.

When tuned-in to your body, you become aware of what your body is telling you via certain cravings and food tastes. You come to learn what makes you feel good, balanced, strong and healthy. After all, you have been carrying around this body of yours forever!

Any excessive or addictive food cravings (e.g.. sugar, salt, fat, refusal to eat vegetables) need’s to be discussed and honestly assessed. Sugar and salt, two common cravings, can be addressed by a myriad of nutritional fixes. As one eats more healthy and clean foods, the body starts to crave the vitality it is now receiving.

Remember, EnerQi carries its force field with you! All body types require a certain combination of protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, offering a distinctive combination of tastes, textures and temperatures that work best for homeostasis. Strong bodies carry with them an enhanced immune system, regular elimination, happiness, clear thinking, restful sleep, desire, energy, vitality and overall balance.

Picture for a moment your body as a beautiful majestic tree with strong roots, entrenched and stable within the ground. This tree needs to be firmly planted in clean, nutritious soil to give it the important strength and balance it will need to withstand many seasons and the passages of time.

If we are the archetype of the tree, then the soil the tree is planted into comes from the way we live our life and the food we eat. To maintain the tree’s shine and vitality, it must be provided healthy nutrients to thrive.

In traditional allopathic medicine there are important conversations and study about the “gut brain connection”. Microbes from the foods that we eat feed the cells within our body, which in turn feed our immune system and our minds. Many of these cells live in our Stomach and Intestines. These cells are also affected by stress and lifestyle imbalance. The healthier our lives the stronger the life force from healthy cell production.

Traditional Oriental medical thought states that in the Yin/Yang balance of things, the food we eat directly affects our thoughts, emotions, sleep and the strength of our movements. The Earth element houses thoughts and emotions which again are located in the ‘Center’. The spleen transforms the food we eat into nourishment, while moving said nourishment towards the stomach. It also controls the strength of our flesh and our muscles. The stomach regulates this sea of nourishment, performing the digestion process as it receives nutrients and processes the waste products downwards, towards the Intestines. The Liver controls the flexibility and mobility of one’s limbs, along with our ability to deal with anger. As you can see the “roots” of movement in our bodies are deeply intertwined.

Healthy vitality ebbs and flows depending on one’s nutrition, lifestyle and the emotional choices — sleep, diet, exercise, meditation, communication, sexuality, creativity, joy — we make from day-to-day, month-to- month, year-to-year.

Each season brings with it an incredible bounty of readily available, vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables. These seasonal foods contain Phytophenols, which are micro-nutrients packed into plant based foods created by the light of the sun; these rays of light help produce the colors of the food we eat. Each color contains it own secret sauce of antioxidents, vitamins and nutrients, allowing us to stay healthy by feeding our immune system. With a strong immune response we can withstand the changes each season generates. Healthy, organic produce has never been more accessible.

Organic is always the best choice since there are many pesticides and sprays used in the growing fields that can cause disturbing side effects. Have fun with eating healthy. Make it a ‘want to’ instead of a ‘have to’. Experiment with different recipes, preparations, and spices.

(Many local farmers markets now feature live music, children’s play areas, picnic tables, and other complimentary goods. If outdoor markets are unavailable, there is usually a more health conscious local grocery.

If organic fruits and vegetables are not available to you, take the time to gently scrub fruits and vegetables before consuming them. You can add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in water and let vegetables soak before using them to help remove any leftover residue.

A variety of vegetables, nuts, legumes, grains, soups, fruit juices and smoothies are a good way to vitalize cells and give our bodies the extra boost of oxygenation and phytonutrients that serve as rocket fuel for our blood cells.

Fresh daily, seasonal fruits and vegetables help to alkaline the body’s delicate PH balance, reducing acidic states. Disease loves to linger in acidic environments within the body, which can cause all sorts of inflammatory responses, including anxiety and sleepless nights.

Everything we put into our bodies has a cause and effect. Substitute empty calories for calories that count. Remember, your body is a vibrant energetic power source, your own beautiful temple of wellness and joy.