This week we are thrilled that leading Psychotherapist and businesswoman Dr Sheri Jacobson has agreed to write a blog for us. Sheri has achieved incredible things both academically and professionally - obtaining a wide number of diverse degrees including: Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Oxford University), Social Anthropology (University College London), and a PhD in Counselling and Psychotherapy (Regent's College, London). Her final degree was in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Institute of Psychiatry, London).

Dr Jacobson is a retired senior therapist with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, after being accredited for 16 years. During that time Sheri worked for MIND, MENCAP, a women's centre, an alcohol advice centre, the NHS, and with private clients.

Today Sheri is the Clinical Director of Harley Therapy. After working in a voluntary capacity in counselling for 7 years, she established Harley Therapy in 2006 with the goal of providing first-rate therapy services by carefully vetted practitioners, as well as compiling educational resources for those who cannot access these services.

Dr Sheri Jacobson has turned her private practice into a thriving business of London therapy clinics, harnessing the latest digital software. In her belief that technology could democratise access to therapy she set about building an online marketplace ( and practice management app for therapists committed to raising standards of therapy. With algorithms and machine learning powering a better client experience, and data driving better service delivery, Dr Jacobson is helping to revolutionise the counselling space. Sheri regularly speaks on TV, radio, within organisations and to students about emotional wellbeing, technology and living in the age of a digital revolution. We couldn’t be more thrilled that she will be writing for us on the intersection between technology and psychology.