Everyone is infinitely creative, and we all have the power to create the illusion that we aren’t.

Creativity comes in many forms. Many of us have spent a lifetime with a misunderstanding that was likely given to us (and accepted) as a child. It went something along the lines of “you’re not creative” after drawing a stickman or an attempt to paint something. They suggested we stick to maths - so we adopted it as part of our identity.

We then lived that for a lifetime of how we are not creative, took up a career with people or in a technical field because we are just not the creative type, secretly wishing we had been born with the right elusive creative gene that many people have.

The creative energy that flows through us is always present, it's just how we use it that changes. Think about how creative we get in our active addiction, we find ways to scheme and make money, to manipulate and find means to fund our habits, we make things happen at all costs as if our life depended on it.

How we’re always creative, even with addiction.

While in active addiction it may seem that there is little room for creativity to flow through us. We are often so caught up in the ‘I’ that is struggling to cope with life, with our emotions and experiences, but that elusive creative energy flows through us and is always present. In fact, the very fact we’re alive means we’re creating, we are creating our experiences ‘in-the-moment’ using the power of thought. We also create the experience we are trying to escape from with our addiction. However, it’s important to remember life has much bigger plans for us when we get out of our own way.

Creativity in Recovery

When we get clean & sober, our spirits come alive, either through the 12 step programme or a spiritual understanding of how we work, beyond the story of ourselves that we have adopted. There is so much more potential for us to see and learn how our creative energies flow through us and how best to use them to be creative in a positive and useful way. We are more resilient than we know, we are more capable than we can imagine, we are beyond our ideas of who we are, all that is required is a small insight into how change occurs. Everyone is infinitely creative, we all have the power to break the illusion that we are not.

How to discover our creative flow

When we have spent years trying to escape from our reality, you’ll quickly learn there’s so much to discover when you are looking to return, but how do you unlock the unlimited creative potential that is among all of us human beings? How do we start to discover more of who we really are and what is on offer?

First, it’s worth knowing the truth when it comes to creative expression in the world of form. There are times when we are inspired and creativity comes and then there are times when it doesn’t, that is just how it works. Rather than it being a permanent state of being, it’s a flow of energy that comes and goes. For some it comes early in the morning, when there is a lack of thinking about the day, for others, it comes at random times. Imagine the following scenario looking at creativity in business.

You are sat in a boardroom with a team, everyone is trying to be right about the solution to a problem, but each time a new solution is posed, people pull it apart and no one can agree, everything that comes up doesn’t seem like the right fit, and it just doesn't look like the problems can be solved. Suddenly the boardroom goes quiet, people get reflective, and out of nowhere, someone suggests an idea that just feels right, everyone just knows yes that’s the solution.

Where did the idea come from? Was it from the intellect? Or did it just flow through you? Did it come out of nowhere? When we are quiet enough, there is an infinite source of creativity on tap.

Then there is the flow of creative potential, does the idea just seem to have legs of its own, do things just keep happening that look coincidental or is life trying to point us in a different direction?

The source of creativity is fresh thought, once we stop looking to what we know, allow space for fresh thinking to come through, then something new can be created in the world.

Creativity can be artistic, but not only that

Many people associate creativity with doing something artistic, such as writing, painting, drawing, design work or musically related to instruments or singing. So the question is, is there really a source of natural talent, are people born that way, or is there a bigger picture here, how people become so good at what they do in the artistic world?

Michael Neill said in a recent podcast, The Misunderstanding of creativity - “the secret to raising happy creative adults is to not ‘degenius’ them as children” What he is pointing to is when children’s wings are not clipped in their creative expression, they then go on to grow more and more in their direction of interest, without too much thinking (which is what always gets in the way) and develop what looks like a natural talent.

It’s nothing to do with “you”!

Trying to get self-worth from the things we create just seems like an odd notion now, knowing how creativity flows through all us, regardless. Creativity is just where life wants to point us when we follow the flow. Cool sh*t gets done and created in the world, that’s just how it happens.

The more “you” you put into the creative process, the more blinded you become, the bigger your attachment to it, the less you see where life is pointing you. If your creative process becomes a measurement of your self-worth then it will not have the same impact on the world. It will just get more difficult and you will feel exhausted and frustrated when things are not going your way.

Understanding is the key to creativity

The more we understand that the nature and sources of creativity are already within us, the more open will be to allow it to flow through us and help us create in the world form. While we still suffer from telling ourselves stories, such as ‘I am not creative’, we will never be able to explore the creative potential of the universe that lies within all of us.

Blog written by: Jason Shiers Dip.Psych MBACP

Jason is a Certified Transformative Coach & Certified Psychotherapist who is Creative Innovations Manager for UK Addiction Treatment (UKAT). Jason has been working with addictions and mental health for over 20 years in evolving ways. After his own recovery started 25 years ago in 12 steps, he had been searching for something different, following the path to a degree in transactional analysis. 3 years ago in a chance encounter, Jason found the work of Michael Neill, and after 3 days in LA and an exploration into the 3 principles as uncovered by Sydney Banks, life changed unrecognisably. Jason has been teaching and sharing the 3 principles in his work with addictions ever since