ARISE Continuing Care With Intervention Workshop. DAY 1, 2, 3 & 4


Engaging Families for Individual Addiction and Mental Health Recovery:  An ARISE® Advanced Workshop


Tea, Coffee and Pastries will be served from 7:00am

This didactic and experiential workshop will provide an understanding about role and relevance of families in dealing with trauma and its consequences. The family is our integral until of resilience and survival. Enhancing connectedness to family and support system is the key to individual long-term recovery and health.

Focus is on:

1.    Helping the family see the strengths in their intergenerational story and discover how to access their strengths and resilience instead of pathology


2.    Providing techniques and methods for mobilizing families for:

  • early recognition and prevention, 
  • relapse prevention 
  • management of addiction, mental health issues, behavioral issues
  • collaboration
  • continuing care


3.    Coaching families to:

  • reduce their anxiety 
  • increase their competence in complex and challenging situations, e.g., suicidality, co-occurring disorders; serious mental illness 
  • learn tools to deal with relational stress
  • understand the importance of self-care and doing their own work


4.    Experiential exercises will assist in the development of specific skills and methods for:

  • engaging families in individual and family recovery
  • overcoming resistance
  • avoiding or managing triangulation


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