ARISE® Workshops, London May 2nd-5th 2018

May 2nd-4th 2018:

ARISE® 3-Day Continuing Care with Intervention Workshop with CPD credits:


The Part I curriculum provides a theoretical overview of:

  • The origins of addiction 
  • The relationship of trauma and loss to addiction, behavioral health and mental health issues
  • The role of families in recovery from addiction and mental health challenges
  • An overview of the 3 intervention models accepted by PCB for CIP certification
  • ARISE research and outcome dataAn overview of neurobiology and addiction
  • Professional ethics
  • Eligible for CPD Credits


No pre-requisites. Can be taken by:

•   Experienced interventionists choosing to learn a new model
•   Therapists, clinicians, counselors, administrators as a general course with continuing
    educational credits
•   As the first step toward becoming ARISE® Trained or a Certified ARISE® Interventionist (CAI)


Please note:

Participants are welcome to take Part I as a workshop with no pre-requisites.  However, participants are not considered or entitled to identify themselves as ARISE® Trained or ARISE® Certified until successful completion of Part II: ARISE® Supervision. Click Here To Find Out More

Those who take the Part I workshop may choose to complete their CAI (Certified Arise Interventiomiest) later by taking Part II: ARISE® Supervision.

Because we are constantly updating the curriculum to stay current in the field, participants must start Part II within 2 years of completing Part I or they will be required to retake it.

Plus ADVANCED DAY: May 5th 2018

Comprehensive Care for Families for Individual addiction and mental health recovery with CPD Credits: May 5th 2018

Comprehensive care for Individual Addiction and Mental Health Recovery: 

This didactic and experiential workshop will provide an understanding about role and relevance of families in dealing with trauma and its consequences. The family is our integral until of resilience and survival. Enhancing connectedness to family and support system is the key to individual long-term recovery and health.

Focus is on:

1. Helping the family see the strengths in their intergenerational story and discover how to access their strengths and resilience instead of pathology

2. Providing techniques and methods for mobilizing families for:

  • early recognition and prevention,
  • relapse prevention
  • management of addiction, mental health issues, behavioral issues
  • collaboration
  • continuing care


3. Coaching families to:

  • reduce their anxiety
  • increase their competence in complex and challenging situations, e.g., suicidality, co-occurring disorders; serious mental illness
  • learn tools to deal with relational stress
  • understand the importance of self-care and doing their own work


4. Experiential exercises will assist in the development of specific skills and methods for:

  • engaging families in individual and family recovery
  • overcoming resistance
  • avoiding or managing triangulation



2-24 Kensington High St
W8 4PT


2nd/3rd & 4th May 2018 + additional Day Advanced Training May 5th

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ARISE® gets over 83% of addicted individuals into treatment in three weeks. 96% enter treatment in six months. 61% sober by the end of the first year, with 10% more using less.

What is ARISE® 3-Day Continuing Care with Intervention?

ARISE® Continuing Care with Intervention introduces the addicted person and the family to a new life of recovery and healing. The individual does not need to hit bottom before getting help. In the USA, via their 24/7 service line, the national network of Certified ARISE® Interventionists provides a service that is carefully aligned with the client's specific needs and budget.

ARISE® gets over 83% of addicted individuals into treatment in three weeks. 96% enter treatment in six months. 61% sober by the end of the first year, with 10% more using less.

Using a compassionate Invitational Intervention®, the ARISE® Continuum of Care is a gradually-escalating process of respectful, gentle family meetings, that leads the client into appropriate treatment and recovery. The client is invited to join the process right from the beginning with no surprises, no secrets, no coercion, and absolute respect and love.

The ARISE® Continuing Care with Intervention process breaks the cycle of repeated disappointment, failure and fear, without the blame, shame, and guilt that accompanies the disease. It brings healing to family, friends and co-workers who come together to build a solid recovery network. The focus of ARISE® is on both individual and family healing and recovery.

The ARISE® Intervention is directed towards getting the addicted loved one into treatment with the least possible effort through a loving, compassionate and non-blaming First Call and First Meeting. The support system is mobilized to form a committed Intervention Network to motivate the addicted individual into treatment. Phase A has three levels and the goal is to stop at the first level that works:

LEVEL 1:  “The First Call” starts when a Concerned Other calls a Certified ARISE® Interventionist for a free phone consultation, and is coached to set up the First Meeting of the Intervention Network. 56% of addicted individuals enter treatment at Level 1.

LEVEL 2: “Strength in Numbers” begins if they have not entered treatment during Level 1. The Intervention Network acts as a Board of Directors, so no one deals one-on-one with the addicted individual. By the end of 2 to 5 Intervention Network meetings, 80% of addicted individuals have entered treatment.

LEVEL 3: “The Formal ARISE® Intervention” is held if treatment entry has not occurred during Level 2. At this meeting serious consequences are put in place if the addicted individual does not enter treatment. By this point, 83% of addicted individuals have entered treatment.

ARISE® Continuing Care begins when the addicted individual enters treatment, and lasts for 6 months. The goals are individual and family healing and recovery. It includes, if possible, the family and individual becoming involved in an appropriate support group.

The Certified ARISE® Interventionist works collaboratively with the addicted individual, the treatment center, and the family to ensure treatment completion, relapse prevention, and the resolution of grief and other problems at the root of the pain and the addictive disease.

With the correct treatment and involvement of both family and Person of Concern, a healthy life is possible. Family and friends play a substantial role in recovery. Our Certified ARISE® Interventionists are ready to work with you, your loved one, and your family, to find the appropriate treatment.

ARISE® Continuing Care with Intervention is:

  • A series of respectful, gentle family meetings provided through a concierge service, wherever you choose
  • Focused on individual and family long-term recovery
  • Specialized in adolescents, young adults, children, the elderly, all age groups and families
  • Proven in federal research to be the most successful intervention
  • Provided by a national and international network of interventionists aligned with your specific needs and budget
  • Includes:
    • Personalized case management (intensive or as needed)
    • Safe transitions; safe passage; guided, supported transportation
    • Coaching in home or out
    • Companionship
    • Monitoring


ARISE® Interventions include: Adolescents, Young Adults, Children, the Elderly, Families, Drug and Alcohol abuse and Co-occuring Disorders, Mental Health and Co-occuring Disorders, High Risk and Underserved Individuals, Elderly and Geriatric Population, Warriors, Veterans and their Families, Trauma survivors and their Families, High Profile Individuals and Families, Executives, Impaired Professionals, Faith-based Communitie

Specialised interventions include: Eating Disorder Intervention (Binge Eating, Emotional Over-Eating, Emotional Under-Eating, Bulimia) Mental Health Intervention (Anxiety, Depression, Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia) Gambling Addiction Intervention Gaming Addiction Intervention Internet Addiction Intervention Sex Addiction Intervention Compulsive Shopping Intervention Hoarding Intervention

Seminar List

02 May 2018
  1. York Suite
  2. York Suite
  3. Geographic exercise moving from one country or city to another; one goal for training and one personal goal.
  4. Introduction to the field and introduction to intervention models,

    Introduction to ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Intervention

  5. Risk and prevention: 

    Risk: Trauma and loss  

    Prevention: Connectedness Role of Family in Addictions Family Motivation to Change, Readiness to Change

  6. ARISE® Philosophy, Principles:  Shifting the Family Perspective Shifting Language – Resilience and perspective (pair exercise)    
  7. iCAAD
  8. Address Initial Concern / Why Now? / Presenting Problem 
  9. York Suite
    Breaking the 1 on 1 •  Harnessing the Strength of the Family 
  10. York Suite
  11. York Suite

    Breaking One on One

    Identifying past family efforts

  12. York Suite
  13. York Suite
    Homework: Watch TedX Talk if not done then draw own genogram with focus on at least 3-5 prior generations and history of trauma and loss
03 May 2018
  1. Steps between First Call and First Meeting (contracts, phone calls with 1st Caller and other family members, as needed, assess need for detox and level of care, initial coordination of care)
04 May 2018
05 May 2018
  1. Tea, Coffee and Pastries will be served from 7:00am This didactic and experiential workshop will provide an understanding about role and relevance of families in dealing with trauma and its consequenc ...


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