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Testimonial 3

Testimonial 3

  • ‘I think it’s really interesting to see how iCAAD has grown and expanded, not just in the number of talks that have been given but the actual number of people that attend. It has now become what I see as one of the major national conferences, not only in this country but in Europe.’
    Dr Neil Brener
    Consultant Psychiatrist at The Priory North London
  • “Met so many compassionate addiction and mental healthcare professionals in one great place”
    Lucas Van Geffen
    Senior Counsellor at Yes We Can Youth Clinics
  • ‘I’m really excited to be here at iCAAD, it’s my first experience with iCAAD. I think what’s important is that it’s a nice balance of people, a lot of professionals from different walks are here really giving us true perspective. I appreciate the stories from people in recovery as well, I think it’s inspirational and it’s hopeful about the work we do. I think it’s really well organised and there’s a lot of passion, excitement and enthusiasm from everyone around, from the providers to the exhibitors to the facilitators, so it’s very exciting to be here.’
    Kathleen Parrish
    Clinical Director of Cottonwood Tuscon
  • ‘One of the things I love about iCAAD and this setting is that... here it feels fresh, it feels diverse, there’s people coming from all over the world, with a lot of different ideas and frankly that’s exciting. It’s exciting to be around people with different beliefs, deferent strategies, I think if we all get together and just affirm what we think we know, then we’re doing ourselves a disservice, and it feels like there’s innovation here, and it’s inspiring.’ ‘Here I’ve noticed that people are invested, one of the things I think creates that investment is that the leadership of iCAAD are also in the talks, they’re interested and they’re energised by it and I think that ripples out, so there’s an energy here that’s pretty exciting and I’m honoured to be here.'
    Miles Adcox
    Owner and CEO of Onsite


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